Shehu Sani to Nigerians Before accepting Tinubu N8k Remember Buhari N10k induced poverty

NLC Protests: Labour’s Demands Are Legitimate, But Lack Coordination, Shehu Sani

Former Nigerian senator Shehu Sani claims that while the government is attempting to address the legitimate concerns of organized labor (NLC), there is a lack of coordination that has made the situation more challenging than it needs to be.

In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Wednesday, Sani discussed the Organized Labor Congress (NLC) and the government as a result of the abrupt elimination of the fuel subsidy without the provision of any palliatives, saying, “From my own understanding, the controversy centers on the elimination of subsidies and their effects.

The ex-senator continued, “Where the problem comes in is in the implementation of palliative measures and actions that need to be taken to alleviate all of those consequences as a result of this removal. Although both sides had come to an agreement on the removal of fuel subsidies, other issues had arisen to delay the negotiations.

“And from what I understand, there were discussions and agreements between the administration and the labor movement (NLC). if not for the fact that the administration is still in its infancy and you are unable to name a minister who will be held accountable.

In order to shed some light and convey his viewpoint on these matters, Sani stated, “Well, the demands of labor are reasonable, and from what I hear, the government has not directly objected to the demands of labor. Lack of coordination, however, is where there is a communication gap.

“For instance, I’ve read that the government has promised to raise wages when you mention wage increases. whenever you discuss refineries. The GMD of NNPC has repeatedly stated that they are attempting to address this, and I have read that.

However, there are limited windows of time within which things can be accomplished. Refinery repairs, for example, cannot be completed in 24 hours, a month, a year, or even five years. These are buildings that have lain empty for many years. Additionally, a large number of them have suffered extensive vandalism. And if we say that we must have the refineries in order before we do anything, I believe it will take close to 70% of this government.

“So, now that a team has been assembled, all of these needs may be discussed. I claimed that we could immediately accomplish these goals, such as raising wages. And secondly, by giving financial support for the changeover of our automobiles from gasoline to petroleum. The following concern is with direct cash assistance for Nigerians:

In order to improve communication between the government and the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Sani then suggested that the Ministry of Labor be established. “What labor is asking for is right,” he declared. However, if the administration is going to implement what it is claiming, what is the issue? A challenge for Bola Tinubu, in my opinion, is that there is essentially no platform for these matters to be addressed.

Therefore, I think that all of the demands can be met. All that is required is that someone facilitate and articulate these, which can only be done once the government is completely formed. #NLC

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