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Nollywood Actor Ray Emodi Exits Movie Scene Due to Anxiety Disorder

Nollywood actor Ray Emodi has announced his exit from the movie scene due to his anxiety disorder. In a post on Instagram, he revealed that he has been receiving treatment for generalized anxiety disorder since 2015 and has been experiencing serious symptoms lately.

The doctors have given him a medical requirement to avoid stress, and as a result, he has stopped movie production until further notice.

Ray Emodi has been a prominent figure in the Nigerian movie industry, known for his roles in movies such as “Heaven on my Mind” and “The Other Side of the Coin”. His departure from the movie scene has left many fans saddened and concerned for his well-being.

In his post, Ray Emodi also pleaded with those he is financially indebted to, to give him time as he would make a refund to them. The medical establishment that has been handling his case is called Synapse, based in Abuja.

We wish Ray Emodi a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the big screen soon.

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