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Can’t you see vicious giants wearing

narcissistic pancakes on gory skins 

clogging the Niger coasts

with colossal granites of 

despair and blocking

crossroads to renaissance? 

Can’t you hear loud wailing of

babes, juveniles in the sub-sahara 

whose bodies have been edited

by kwashiorkor;

the artist who dances to beats made

by hunger, politicians

sucking the breast of the economy

with pipes resembling bugs’ proboscis

can’t you see vile pythons on shady

corrupt regalia romancing

the staff of justice; the only totem

of equity in the hall of prejudice

We are now an icon of ignominy,

a sight resembling scrotums plagued

by a legion of lice, sashaying to and

fro the sahara borders on a futile odyssey

in search of nothing

Save us!

  1. written by Daniel Ezeokeke
A writer at Parallel Facts