Isale Eko Descendants Demand N10bn Fine Imposed on Gangs of Lagos Producers min

Oba of Lagos Moves to Pull Down Gangs of Lagos


Amidst controversy, the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu, has called upon the creators of the film “Gang of Lagos” and the popular video streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video, to immediately remove and discontinue the use of the Eyo masquerade’s image and representation in the movie.

The Oba expressed his strong disapproval of the film, labeling it defamatory and sacrilegious.

The Oba’s request stems from concerns about the respectful portrayal and preservation of cultural symbols and traditions. The Eyo masquerade holds significant cultural and historical significance for the people of Lagos, and its depiction in a manner deemed derogatory or offensive is deeply distressing to the Oba and the community at large.

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In his plea, the Oba of Lagos emphasized the importance of safeguarding cultural heritage and avoiding any misrepresentation that may harm the integrity of traditional practices. He urged the film producers and Amazon Prime Video to act responsibly and respect the sentiments of the people.

Gangs of Lag

The controversy surrounding the film’s portrayal of the Eyo masquerade has sparked a wider discussion about cultural appropriation and the need for sensitivity when representing indigenous customs and beliefs. As the issue unfolds, stakeholders hope for a resolution that preserves the dignity of cultural traditions while encouraging artistic freedom and expression.