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Obi Rejects EIU Study As An Amateurish, Badly Done Transactional Job

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a think tank, recently released a report that predicted the outcome of the ongoing legal challenge to the contentious presidential election that took place on February 25, 2023. The Obi-Datti Media Office dismissed the report as a slanted, poorly done effort intended to support the APC.

“We are taken aback that after a long silence, it is most appalling that a highly reputable analytical entity will engage in such a counter-intuitive prediction,” the media office stated in a statement signed by the head of the media office, Diran Onifade. The election was deemed to have serious flaws in every assessment from domestic and international observers. These claims are adequate grounds for the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC) to overturn the election results since there is enough proof to show that the election was seriously defective and did not meet the requirements for a credible election.

To say otherwise looks wholly self-serving and written to satisfy the political goals and objectives of APC, the report’s potential facilitator.

This EIU forecast is extremely unsettling and inappropriate; it goes beyond partisanship.

Onifade continued, “By front-loading its proffered narrative in this tainted report, the EIU is aiming to pre-script a judicial decision by deception.

“It is quite clear that this EIU projection is a paid advertisement that examines the stance of one party among many that ran for president. 

“Even if the EIU also mentioned that the APC reform agenda was losing steam, Nigerians are not fooled into thinking that such analysis is in any way altruistic when it is obviously the opposite. 

“It is very unlikely that the EIU would support the unbelievable and chaotic behavior of INEC had it occurred on the territory of the United Kingdom or the European Union,” the EIU stated.

The Obi-Datti Media team also accused the think tank of trying to score easy points while acting philanthropic.

“Trying to score easy points with the passive mention of Mr. Tinubu’s low popularity at 37% of 27% voter turnout does not adequately capture the widely held view of proven election irregularities like never experienced in Nigeria’s history,” it read.

Furthermore, the EIU’s assertion that the Judiciary would take unthinkable action in the face of evident irregularities while anticipating that Mr. Tinubu’s reform agenda will lose steam given his rapidly declining low-level political capital demonstrates how highly it values Nigeria as a whole, including its Judiciary. We repudiate such a damnable, contradictory doctrine.                      

“While the EIU probably doesn’t mind taking a side in an argument, we suggest that moving forward it try to be objective in its commentary on Nigeria or just put up and shut up.

Obi-Datti Media Office believes that this report is not in Nigeria’s best interests and has no bearing on how the cases before their Lordship turn out because they are educated and experienced enough to recognize Jacob’s hand behind Esau’s mask.

“We, therefore, request that EIU refrain from risking their reputations by attempting to drink from a cracked jar, which the APc represents in Nigeria’s democracy, and instead make an effort to be objective in their commentary, always seek to be on the right side of history, and avoid aligning itself with illegal, corrupt, and criminal tendencies that harm and destroy our humanity. We implore them to make an effort moving forward to be objective in their commentary on Nigeria.

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