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Oil Theft Saga: Asari Dokubo’s Search For Political Support- NGO

Ex-militant Asari Dokubo has come under fire from a non-governmental group, Unity Advocacy Group, for his claims that the Nigerian military is mostly responsible for the nation’s oil thefts.

The group pointed out that Dokubo is merely pandering to the crowd because he wants political favours.

According to ParallelFacts, after a private meeting with President Bola Tinubu, Dokubo declared that strong cabals within the Nigerian military, not typical Niger Delta residents, are to blame for the region’s oil theft. He also declared that these powerful forces have now met their match and that many people will soon be marching to Kuje.

The Nigerian Navy, however, swiftly refuted Dokubo’s accusations and declared them unfounded.

In contrast, the UAG convener, Mr. Ifeanyi Aigbedion, charged Dokubo with stretching the truth in a statement issued on Friday.

Aigbedion says that Dokubo might have pushed for political favors without making baseless accusations.

“Asari Dokubo can meet with President Bola Tinubu and provide advice on the way forward, if he has any, without making baseless accusations at a time when the new administration is attempting to calm down and offer solutions to the nation’s economic situation.

Even offering to use his boys to help stop oil theft raises questions and seems more like a self-serving endeavour.

If there had been no oil theft, would the military and other security services have entered the area?

Who are the actual players who are upset about anti-crude theft operations?

The group inquired, “Can Asari Dokubo mention the names of the culprits if he has them?”

According to Aigbedion, the armed forces under the command of Gen. Lucky Irabor merit praise for their sincere efforts to halt oil theft in the Niger Delta.

He claims that Nigerians are aware that prior to the current Chief of Defence Staff, no Chief of Defence Staff had ever visited the locations of oil theft.