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Omah Lay Helps Fans Heal with ‘Boy Alone’ Deluxe


Nigerian recording artist Omah Lay is helping fans heal with the release of the deluxe edition of his debut album, ‘Boy Alone’. The expanded version, which dropped on June 15, 2023, includes six additional tracks, enriching the original 14-track project.

Omah Lay’s soulful sound and captivating lyrics have made him a fan favourite, and the deluxe edition of ‘Boy Alone’ is sure to be a hit. The album was created from a place of pain, purpose, and pleasure that comes with fame. While music offered him a way out of the dangerous slums of Port Harcourt, it also brought him face-to-face with the realities of life as a celebrity.

Fans are sure to find comfort and healing in the additional tracks on ‘Boy Alone’ Deluxe. Omah Lay’s unique sound and heartfelt lyrics are sure to resonate with listeners and provide a much-needed escape from the stresses of everyday life.