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Ondo Citizens Who Voted Tinubu Now Regretting – Ondo PDP

Nigerians in Ondo State who voted for Bola Tinubu, according to the People’s Democratic Party in Ondo State, are now sorry they wasted their votes.

Nigerians have experienced a lot of hardship in the few months since Tinubu took office, according to the party’s chairman, Fatai Adams, in a statement that Kennedy Peretei, Akure, signed.

Adams was responding to what Ade Adetimehin, the head of the ruling All Progressive Congress party in Ondo State, said about the PDP. Ade Adetimehin said that the PDP has died out.

He said that the APC and its cruel government were really to blame for Nigerians’ pain and suffering over the last eight years.

He said, “Adetimehin is probably the only person who doesn’t know that the people of Ondo State blame his party, the APC, and its cruel government for their pain and suffering over the last eight years.”

Adams also said, “Especially the removal of fuel subsidies and how hard it hit everyone.”

“He doesn’t realize that even the people who were tricked into voting APC in the general elections of 2023 already regret and lament their mistake, which has caused them and their families a lot of trouble.

“Such a man, if he has any sense of shame or responsibility, should have been on his knees begging the people for the huge bad thing that his party caused.

“To say “PDP is now dead” in the most careless way possible is not only funny but also the worst kind of mischief. In response to the fact that some of its members had joined the ruling party in the state, Adams said, “Most of the 203 councilors Adetimehin is happy about joining his party were not active in the last two elections in Ondo State.”

“Some of them have been in the APC since 2016. Only someone like Adetimehin, who is in charge of a dangerously split APC in the state but fools himself with fun-loving defectors who tell him stories by moonlight, can figure out how the departure of such people means that the PDP is dead.

“A few people in Adetimehin’s failing APC ship who are trying to self-destruct don’t bother the PDP in Ondo State.

“We feel sorry for these people, but it’s sad that those who should be crying are dancing and happy instead.

“But soon enough, they will realize that they have been living a lie the whole time.

The leader of the party said, “PDP can’t be dead; there are no signs of that.” And it never will be.”