Gov Akeredolu

Ondo State Executive Council In Chaos  Amidst Governor Akeredolu’s Absence

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Tension and discord have escalated within the Ondo State Executive Council as the absence of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu continues.

The governor, who has been on medical leave, is scheduled to return to his duties on Thursday, July 6th. However, reports have emerged indicating that certain cabinet members have been refusing to attend meetings called by the acting governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

According to sources, Governor Akeredolu’s absence has made the rift among the executive council members worse in recent weeks. It is believed that the ongoing power struggle and political rivalries within the council have contributed to the refusal of some cabinet members to honor meetings summoned by Aiyedatiwa.

The acting governor, who has been leading state affairs in the governor’s absence, has been attempting to maintain stability and continuity in governance. However, the resistance from certain cabinet members has hindered effective decision-making processes and collective efforts to address pressing issues in the state.

Governor Akeredolu’s imminent return is anticipated to bring some respite and potentially help reconcile the divided council. As the chief executive, his presence is crucial to fostering unity and restoring order within the executive council. All eyes are now on the governor’s return and how he will navigate the existing internal conflicts to ensure smooth governance and effective leadership in Ondo State.