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Opeyemi Kareem and Winston Adaete deliver their debut TED Talk at the TEDxUWE in Bristol, England

From the bustling streets of Lagos to the untested waters in the West, Nigerians have proven time and again that they possess an unbreakable will and a relentless pursuit of success. In this report, we will delve into the remarkable can-do spirit of two Nigerians, Opayemi Kareem and Winston Adaete, celebrating their resilience, resourcefulness, and positive mindset that have propelled them forward and put them on the global map.

On June 16th, Nigeria was ably represented at the TED Talk at the TEDxUWE event held in Bristol, England. Opeyemi Kareem and Winston Adaete were chosen as speakers to address the themes “The Burden We Carry: Exploring Emotional Baggage and Its Impact” and “From Ink to Impact: Empowering Writers to Change the World,” respectively, for the TEDxUWE event centered around the theme “Bags and Baggage: Building Community and a Sense of Belonging.”

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Winston Adaete during his TEDx Talk in Bristol, England.

During their first appearance, they captivated the audience with their inspiring stories of perseverance and achievement, leaving many in tears and deeply inspired.
Opeyemi, who is currently serving as a student ambassador, student content creator, and black minority ethnic officer at the University of the West of England’s student union, will graduate with an MSc in International Management on July 18, 2023.

Winston Adaete, the president of the Nigerian Student Society at the University of the West of England, encouraged his listeners to embrace the power of the written word and make a difference. He introduced his debut book, titled “Go… Look Behind the Mountain,” which he recently completed. Although Winston did not provide details about the book launch or its publication status, he expressed great enthusiasm for sharing his writing journey, which appeared highly intriguing. He acknowledged the support and motivation he received from others, which enabled him to finish the work.

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Opayemi Kareem during his TEDx Talk in Bristol, England.

Both speakers, like millions of other young Nigerians, have demonstrated their ability to rise above adversity, turning obstacles into stepping stones on their path to success. Whether it is in the fields of art, music, sports, business, or academia, young Nigerians have left an indelible mark, inspiring not only their fellow countrymen but people around the world.
We eagerly anticipate the upload of their TED Talk on the TEDx platform, which will expose them to a global audience of millions.

They have now joined the endless streak of Nigerians who are making significant contributions on the international stage and inspiring millions of inner-city kids in Nigeria and Africa in general.

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