BIG STORY: EU Says 2023 Elections Lacked Transparency, Destroyed INEC Credibility
BIG STORY: EU Says 2023 Elections Lacked Transparency, Destroyed INEC Credibility

OPINION: EU Election Observers Vs Tinubu And INEC Search For Legitimacy

It is not surprising that the Tinubu camp has come out smoking like Joe Frazier with a deluge of criticisms of the report of the EU EOM, which obviously doesn’t favor @officialAbat.

The report, which the EU EOM unmistakably delivered as an uppercut and cross-counter, is instructive. It is reminiscent of the legendary Muhammad Ali’s two heavyweight fights, Thriller in Manila and Rumble in the Jungle, where he flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee.

After a painstaking lobbying effort by the EOM to water down the contents of its final report on the outcome of the 2023 elections and amend critical areas of the report failed, the Tinubu camp’s next approach was to condemn the report in its entirety as frivolous, malicious, and biased.

It is commonplace to hear the shout of bias when a report seeks to review the entire electoral process, give credit where it is due, and knock where it is deserving. The EU EOM report captures the pulse of the people and is a true reflection of the mood of the nation.

The argument, which seeks to twist logic on its head, is, to say the least, unacceptable to Nigerians. The EU EOM did not apply and begs to be allowed to monitor the elections in Nigeria. INEC, in its quest to prove to the world its independence, impartiality, and transparency, extended the olive branch. Therefore, it beggars reasoning to put into question our sovereignty as a factor that is being undermined.

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) under Yakubu Maikyau, with due respect, appears to be heavily compromised. Their numbers notwithstanding, they are yet to earn the admiration, respect, and confidence of the Nigerian people. More so than the 7-Up jingle, the difference is clear between the EU EOM report and that of the NBA.

In contrast to the NBA report, which only addressed VOTING, the EU EOM assessment report addressed REGISTRATION, NOMINATIONS, VOTING, and COLLATIONS. Our citizens are no fools; they know the truth whenever they see it. The reason the EU EOM report excites the citizenry and is enjoying public confidence and applause is that it reflects the exactitude of the happenings during the botched 2023 elections and their outcome.

To ascribe the toga of free, fair, and transparent to an election that was marred by irregularities and manipulation and recorded a casualty figure of 74 persons is, to say the least, a heresy.

Opinion by Umar Sani