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OPINION: Once a Committee is Formed in Nigeria, Forget About the Problem

Let us form a committee is an impeding comment that puts a cap on our creativity and genius, leaves us stranded in the face of the simplest challenge, and makes a public show of our shortcomings. We are at our very best when we are alone, and averagely better when we are part of a team. This is so because we are socially dependent and do not want to be different from our little masses.

This is evident in our experience as a nation so far. The average Nigerian knows the solutions to our numerous problems as a nation, but we have not been able to solve them together as a nation. The Nigerian government knows this, and they are using it against us, thus strengthening the chains that have held us down.

When the government is not ready to solve a problem or face a challenge, they quickly form a committee, and with that, they have increased the lifespan of that challenge or problem. The most painful part of it is that the few resources we have that should have been used for something productive and lasting will be used to take care of the committee members while the pending challenge or problem remains.

The bogus feeling of being important that comes with being a part of a team and the impeded creativity that comes from being socially dependent will blind the eyes of the committee to the reason why it was formed in the first instance. Resources will be used by the committee, and time in the office for the committee will be exhausted, while the problems and challenges that were in place before the inauguration of the committee will remain, and all will wonder why?

A group or individuals waiting for the outcome of a committee that was set up to provide a solution to their problem or challenge will wait forever. The wait will impede their creativity and hinder their ability to solve their own problems. Resources and time will have been lost, and a worsened situation will replace the one that was before the committee.

Every brainstorming session has never produced anything meaningful, and this is so because a team is made for constructive criticism and not for creative thinking. Nigeria needs a leader who is ready to make instant decisions out of creative thinking and wait for the constructive criticism of the people. The leading role of a team should be reversed to a supporting role. A team should fine-tune the thoughts of a leader and not dictate or influence their thoughts.

Nigeria and Nigerians have suffered for a long time under the make-believe committee. We have seen this play out many times before, and we are seeing it again now, and the end has to come to it. We are aware of the tricks of the government, and we believe it is enough. The people are held in hopeful delay, and they can’t speak up because they are waiting for a solution that will never come from a committee.

Let the leaders tell us what they have for us in an instant, and stop wasting our time and resources on a committee that will never produce anything meaningful. Labour has suffered under numerous committee promises to solve their problems, and yet the problems remain, as do the promises of another committee. I hope they can press the leaders for prompt solutions and not another promise under another committee that will not produce a meaningful result.

This is a new way of thinking, and I hope we can embrace it and witness a quantum shift in our fortunes as a nation.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Olorunisola Adeolu.

A writer at Parallel Facts