OPINION: Tinubu And The Rise Of Tribal Bigotry In Nigeria(Yoruba Ronu)

I have endured a year of people calling me “omo ale”, fat shaming me and cursing me and my children because of my decision to support a man who is the best man to get Nigeria working again. I am not fazed by that, in fact, I have learned how to do dapada quite well, but what I can’t bear is that they did it because the man I chose to support is Igbo as if the Igbos are not part of Nigeria.

The APC SW election strategy was to weaponize the unconscious bias that was already there into full-fledged bigotry and hateful rhetoric. Which resulted in people not only being maimed….. People actually died!

What is painful about this is the damage it has done to an already fragile, almost fabled unity of Nigeria. I mean, how do you expect people to move on? Community cohesion, relations, and the desire to have an inclusive society have been dealt a massive blow I’m a Yoruba woman, and for me, I am left with a deep-rooted loathing of every one of these people who decided that they will be agents of destruction. You might ask what I mean by that?

It’s simple, really! How do you trust someone who made it their job to denigrate and dehumanize you? And then go on to take it to the streets, destroying properties, profiling, and disenfranchisement of a particular tribe or anyone deemed to be Igbo-looking or a supporter of the Labour Party?

This demonic strategy has not dissipated with the end of the election. Instead, in Lagos state, for example, they’ve taken it many steps further, and suddenly fascism is driving state policy! The worst thing that has happened to Nigeria is APC and Bola Tinubu….

I am so disappointed that fellow Yorubas lined up behind a Narco boss and an avaricious kleptomaniac. The evidence of his criminality is not hidden, but that isn’t even the worst thing. That would be the holding up of this man as the epitome of Yorubaness requiring absolute loyalty.

This, for me and many others, is the most shameful thing ever and really makes me question if they actually understand the true meaning of being an Omoluabi? Then, to make matters worse is that they then decided to hijack the phrase “Yoruba Ronu” which is clearly a call for introspection, and turned it into an ethnic dog whistle.

Pa Ogunde would be turning in his grave right now at the audacity of these people! The 2023 Nigerian elections will go down in history as the worst election ever. The human cost is too high a price for any country to pay, and whilst we await the decision of the courts, one can’t help but wonder if we can ever heal from this…..

Bolanle Emiabata-Anibabq