Over 100 Homosexuals Arrested in Delta

On Tuesday, the Delta State Police Command said that they had caught more than 100 people they thought were gay who were getting married in a hotel in Delta State.

The state police said they would soon show off the suspects in a post on their official X (formerly Twitter) account.

“Delta State Command has arrested more than 100 gay people who were getting married in a hotel. We’re about to go live on Facebook to show off the suspects.”

Since the anti-gay law was signed in 2014, people who were thought to be gay have been caught and put on display, according to The Punch.

The Lagos State Police Command detained 10 people in December 2020 on the grounds that they might be gay and be working in a brothel in the state’s Okota region.

In early 2018, cops in the state put 57 men on display because they were accused of being gay at the Kelly Ann Hotel in Egbeda.

In January 2022, eight people who were thought to be gay were caught in a hotel in Isolo, Lagos.

The 2014 Nigerian anti-gay law says that anyone who has sex with someone of the same sex will get 14 years in jail.

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