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Over 500,000 Yorubas Reside In Anambra State- Alhaji Ademola Okeleye

No fight between us and Igbos in Anambra’, Yoruba community debunks rumour.

Alhaji Ademola Okeleye, the president general of the Yoruba community in Anambra State, has bemoaned the deliberate decision of his people not to purchase land in the state despite the Igbo’s willingness to give them land.
The problem Yoruba people have is their belief that they will not stay in the state for a long time, which is why many of them do not acquire landed property like Igbo people do in other parts of the country, according to Okeleye, a chartered accountant who has run an audit firm in Anambra State for the past 20 years.

However, he claimed that it is still possible since his people have recognised the need to invest in the nation.

He asserts that the stereotype that Igbo people are unfriendly to outsiders is untrue, pointing out that Yoruba voters backed and cast ballots for the candidates of their choice in the most recent general election without facing any harassment.

He claimed that many who, in some regions of the nation, viewed the election as a life-or-death struggle had forgotten that politics is a game played by politicians and questioned why regular citizens would allow themselves to be used to sow discord in the nation.

“Over 500,000 Yoruba people reside in Anambra State, and nobody ever harasses them,” he claimed. Many Yoruba individuals have the problem of thinking they won’t stay in the state for very long, yet many of them have ended up marrying Igbo women and making permanent arrangements.

And contrary to the perception in some circles that the majority of Yoruba people in the state are craftsmen and tailors, the reality is that many of them are professors at universities and polytechnics and company owners in all of the state’s main cities.

“Many Yoruba individuals who speak Igbo proficiently were born in Anambra. Therefore, it is untrue that Igbo people are inflexible.

He urged other ethnic groups to imitate the former director of protocol to former Governor Willie Obiano, Chief Uzuegbunam Okagbue, for his ability to make Yoruba people feel at home whenever a need arose.