PDP, LP Chides APC as Ganduje Emerge Party Chairman

In response to Ganduje’s appointment as APC National Chairman, the opposition PDP released a statement through Debo Ologunagba, the party’s national publicity secretary, in which the PDP claimed that the APC had proven itself to be a “cesspit of corruption and a haven for thieves, bribe takers, and treasury looters.”
“Ganduje’s appointment further proves that the APC is a disgusting party of embezzlers and charlatans. Ganduje was famously known as ‘Gandollar’ by Nigerians due to the infamous video of him stuffing his gown with US dollar notes as a bribe from a contractor while serving as the governor of Kano State.

“It also highlights APC’s impunity and indifference to the standards of honesty, integrity, and moral rectitude expected of those holding public office. The PDP encourages Nigerians to take note that the content of the 2017 “Gandollar” viral video was not doctored, according to a forensic investigation conducted by the Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission just last month.

Yunusa Tanko, the head of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council, also voiced dissatisfaction, claiming that Ganduje’s choice was conclusive evidence that the APC lacked any shred of legitimacy.

What good will someone who has numerous credibility problems hanging around his neck provide? Tanko questioned. In reality, due to the crimes, he perpetrated in the state, Ganduje is virtually being driven out of Kano as we speak. I’m a Kano native. Is this the same guy who will serve as the national chairman of the APC? Surely they are capable of more.

That implies that the party as a whole lacks credibility. It clearly indicates that. He is without creativity.

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