Pete Davidson and Colin Jost Buy Ferry Boat, Joke About Being “In the Hole”

Comedians Pete Davidson and Colin Jost, known for their work on Saturday Night Live, recently made headlines after purchasing a ferry boat together. In a recent interview, Davidson joked about the purchase, saying that he and Jost are now “in the hole” after making the investment.

Davidson and Jost have been friends for years, having worked together on SNL since 2014. The two comedians are known for their irreverent sense of humor and their ability to find the funny side of any situation. It seems that even a major purchase like a ferry boat is not immune to their comedic touch.

It remains to be seen what Davidson and Jost plan to do with their new ferry boat, but one thing is for sure: they will undoubtedly find a way to make it hilarious. Whether they use it for comedic sketches or simply as a means of transportation, the ferry boat is sure to provide plenty of laughs for the two friends.

Davidson and Jost’s purchase of a ferry boat may seem unusual, but it is just another example of their unique sense of humor and their willingness to take risks. Fans of the two comedians will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting to see what they do with their new investment.

A writer at Parallel Facts