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Peter Obi: Only people with valid certificates will work with me

In an exclusive Twitter space event organized by Parallel Facts, the prominent digital platform for civic engagement and fact-checking, Peter Obi, the presidential candidate representing the Labour Party, engaged with Nigerians on July 29, 2023. During the session, Obi shed light on his approach to selecting ministerial nominees, focusing on the pivotal qualities of character and competence.

With Nigerians eager to understand his stance on the issue, one pertinent question directed at Obi addressed the prevailing concern of corruption cases surrounding federal government nominees. In response, Obi exhibited a resolute stance, vowing not to compromise on the integrity of his cabinet.

Drawing from his experience as the former governor of Anambra State, Obi emphasized the significance of maintaining a high standard for his team. He revealed that during his tenure as governor, he conducted in-house verifications for commissioners, displaying his commitment to ensuring individuals of unquestionable certificates held crucial positions within his administration.

Additionally, Obi disclosed an interesting revelation about his selection process. He candidly stated that he did not campaign with a significant portion of his commissioners, signifying that his appointments were based on merit and suitability rather than political affiliations.

Indeed, Peter Obi’s dedication to building a team of upright and capable individuals demonstrates his unwavering commitment to lead Nigeria into a brighter future, where character and competence shall govern the nation’s progress. With his vision, he strives to usher in an era of accountable and proficient governance, a vision that resonates with Nigerians seeking a path towards true progress and prosperity.