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Peter Obi Wants a Nigeria Where Teachers, Not Thieves are Celebrated

The Labour Party 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi, while delivering the keynote speech at the graduation ceremony of Pacesetters Academy in Abuja expressed his hope for a New Nigeria where education is celebrated.

He mentioned that teachers are to be celebrated and not people who steal from the nation.

Speaking to teachers, he said, “do not be discouraged that people don’t regard you, what you are doing is noble, it is important for the society and you are very important assets for the society.

“I know you feel unappreciated, don’t worry we will appreciate you.

“We can’t have a society of people with questionable character.

He spoke about a Nigeria where leaders will be good examples to the people and not pass themselves as people not to be trusted. Peter Obi was of the conviction that there is need  to make education a priority as this is the most important thing any nation needs.

He encouraged parents to invest in education, as education is the most valuable investment you can make. He also stated that most of the things we enjoy today are the result of basic education, citing technology and the fashion industry as sectors where the impact of education has been felt.

The former Anambra state Governor pointed that education is the difference between a developed and an undeveloped society and that the lack of security is hinged on poverty which is a function of the lack of education.

Speaking he said, “The more you pull people out of poverty the more you reduce criminality and you can’t do that unless you invest in education.

“The more people are educated the more they are able to pull themselves out of poverty.

Peter Obi also expressed his concern for the 20 million out of school children, he spoke disappointingly about the ridiculousness of the number and how education should not be a developed tomorrow but now.

In regards to the 20 million out of school Nigerians, Peter Obi revealed how ludicrous a number that is comparing it to some successful nations, he said, “If you follow 2022 world population of countries, we are talking about population of Norway, population of Ireland, population of Singapore, and population of Dubai put together.

“If I have opportunity, education will have the highest amount in our budget.

He also spoke on how Nigerians in diaspora will feel the need to come back in his New Nigeria. Peter Obi implored honest Nigerians to continue being steadfast in the desire to build a new and better nation, he said:

“It is easy to say that only bad people succeed in Nigeria but plz do not be part of them, that is what we are trying to change.

Speaking about the need for socialising and building a future where credibility and competence are celebrated, he added:

“Remain with your classmates because I can tell you in the next Nigeria you will not be a leader unless you have attended a school, unless people know your classmates, unless you have good certificate.

Peter Obi urges the people not to join with those that abuse and destroy the nation, as the society that is abused today will take its revenge on future generations.