pfizer rocky mount tornado damage

Pfizer Plant Heavily Damaged by Tornado

A destructive tornado struck a major Pfizer pharmaceutical plant in North Carolina on Wednesday, causing significant damage to the large manufacturing complex near Rocky Mount. At the same time, torrential rain inundated communities in Kentucky, and sweltering heat persisted across an extensive area stretching from California to South Florida.

Pfizer Plant Heavily Damaged by Tornado

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Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company, confirmed that the twister touched down shortly after midday, causing havoc at their manufacturing facility. However, the company stated in an email that there were no reports of serious injuries among its employees. Later, in an official statement, Pfizer reassured the public that all employees were safely evacuated and accounted for.

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The impact of the tornado was severe, with parts of the roofs torn off from the massive buildings at the Pfizer plant. The facility, which stores substantial quantities of medicine, experienced significant disruption due to the tornado’s forceful winds and rainfall, as reported by Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone.

Sheriff Stone stated, “I’ve got reports of 50,000 pallets of medicine that are strewn across the facility and damaged through the rain and the wind.” The damage poses a challenge as the plant is responsible for producing anesthesia and various drugs, accounting for nearly 25% of all sterile injectable medications used in hospitals throughout the United States, according to Pfizer’s website.

pfizer rocky mount tornado damage

Erin Fox, senior pharmacy director at the University of Utah Health, expressed concern over the situation, predicting potential long-term shortages in medical supplies. She mentioned that Pfizer may need to either relocate production to other sites or undertake the task of rebuilding to restore operations to normalcy.

The National Weather Service assessed the extent of the destruction and determined that the damage was consistent with that of an EF3 tornado, characterized by wind speeds of up to 150 mph (240 kph).

In the region where Rocky Mount is situated, the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office reported on Facebook that the tornado resulted in three people being injured. Among them, two individuals sustained life-threatening injuries. Additionally, a preliminary report from Nash County, which neighbors the affected area, mentioned 13 injuries and 89 damaged structures.

The tornado’s reach extended beyond the Pfizer plant and affected residential areas nearby. Brian Varnell and his family members, who reside in the Dortches area, had three of their homes damaged by the tornado. Varnell expressed gratitude that all of his family members survived the harrowing event. His sister and her children sought refuge in their home’s laundry room during the tornado’s onslaught.


“They got where they needed to be within the house and it all worked out for the best,” said Varnell, standing near one of the damaged homes that had lost exterior walls and a significant portion of its roof.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the country, Kentucky faced torrential rain, leading to flooding in several communities. The deluge of water posed challenges to residents and authorities alike, disrupting daily life and requiring measures to manage the situation effectively.

In a different area, a vast region extending from California to South Florida experienced extreme heat conditions. The scorching temperatures placed strain on residents, while authorities urged people to take necessary precautions to stay safe during the heatwave.

As the affected communities deal with the aftermath of these natural disasters, recovery efforts and safety measures remain a top priority. Pfizer will have to navigate the challenges presented by the tornado’s impact on their crucial pharmaceutical production, while residents in flooded and heat-affected regions must stay vigilant and resilient during these trying times.