Poland to Host NATO Nuclear Weapons, as Russian Threat Mounts

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said authorities seek to host NATO nuclear weapons in Poland within the framework of the Nuclear Sharing program to counter the “threat” they claim Russia poses.

Morawiecki said on Friday that the request comes in response to Russia’s deployment of strategic nuclear weapons to neighboring Belarus. “The final decision will depend on our American and NATO partners. We declare our will to act quickly in this matter,” Morawiecki said.

He added that they will not “sit idly” while Russia “escalates all sorts of threats,” saying Poland also wants to have “the highest security level.” “We endeavor to strengthen security. Nuclear Sharing, the program of the joint use of nuclear weapons, would seriously fortify our security.”

Meanwhile Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Security Council deputy chairman, in response to Poland’s desire to take part in NATO’s Nuclear Sharing program said “The only danger arising from the request to deploy nuclear weapons to Poland is that such weapons will be used.” Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country will deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus as part of an agreement the two countries entered last summer.

A writer at Parallel Facts