Prominent War Blogger ‘Strelkov’ Arrested in Moscow, Charged with Extremism

Former Russian intelligence officer and well-known war blogger Igor “Strelkov” Girkin found himself in hot water as he was arrested in Moscow on Friday. The charges against him are “inciting extremism,” a crime that carries the possibility of five years imprisonment, as reported by Russian state media.

Girkin’s arrest stems from his outspoken criticism of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, and the military leadership’s handling of the conflict in Ukraine. He had been vocal about what he deemed an insufficiently effective war strategy in the region.

The news of Girkin’s arrest quickly gained international attention, with Britain’s Ministry of Defense reacting strongly. The Ministry expressed concern that the arrest might “infuriate” certain individuals within the military, potentially escalating tensions further.

The timing of the arrest raises eyebrows, given the recent crackdown on dissent in Russia following the Wagner Group’s aborted mutiny in June. The Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization, experienced an internal rebellion that alarmed the authorities, leading to a more stringent approach towards perceived dissenters.


Girkin, who had a significant following as a war blogger and was a prominent figure among pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, has been an influential voice in shaping opinions on the conflict. His arrest has further intensified debates around freedom of speech and government control in Russia.

As the situation unfolds, many are closely watching the developments surrounding Igor Girkin’s case, anticipating the potential implications for dissenting voices in Russia and the nation’s actions in Ukraine.

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