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Prophet El-Buba Joins Peter Obi on Mission of Compassion to Displaced Families in Plateau State

Obi in Jos 3

In a show of solidarity and concern for the plight of the displaced individuals in Mangu local government, Plateau State, Prophet Isa El-Buba accompanied H.E. Mr. Peter Obi on a visit to the affected community.

The visit aimed to spend time with those who have been uprooted from their homes and families due to ongoing unrest in the region.

Expressing his compassion for the situation, Prophet Isa El-Buba emphasized the urgency of addressing this injustice promptly. The impact of displacement on countless men and women is profound, as they face uncertainty and distress in their daily lives.

With a call for unity and collective action, Prophet Isa El-Buba urged all stakeholders to come together and find lasting solutions to restore peace and security to the affected areas. Only by addressing the root causes of the displacement can Nigeria move forward toward a more stable and harmonious future.

In closing, he offered prayers for the nation, hoping that divine intervention would bless Nigeria and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.