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Protest In Kano as March Against Hardship Under Tinubu’s Government

The masses have taken to the street in numbers in a “warm up” protest over the hike of petrol price from N195 to N617, naira devaluation, school fees increment and other anti-poor policies of the President Bola Tinubu-led Nigerian government. The Joint Action Front (JAF) coordinated the demonstration.

According to a reports, the protest was peaceful and well-organized, with participants carrying placards and banners with various inscriptions such as “No to petrol price hike”, “No to naira devaluation”, “No to school fees increment” and “No to anti-poor policies”.

The protesters marched through major streets in Kano metropolis, chanting solidarity songs and calling on the government to reverse its anti-poor policies.

The JAF, in a statement, said it was a “warm up” for a nationwide mass action against the government’s policies. The group called on Nigerians to join the protest and demand an end to the hardship being experienced by the masses.

The demonstration in Kano is just one of many that have been brewing in other parts of Nigeria in recent times, as citizens continue to express their dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of the economy and other issues affecting their daily lives.

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