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Real Madrid closed 2022/23 financial books with €12m profit

Real Madrid closed 2022/23 financial books with €12m profit

Spanish Giant Rea Madrid announced an increase of 17% in revenue (€843m) from last year and for the first time exceeding the pre pandemic revenues of €757m in 2018/19. Real Madrid’s huge gain of €843m in revenue does not include the player sales in 2022/23 season.

The Spanish side lost the league to their biggest rival Barcelona last season after ending the La Liga campaign in the second position,a season for Madrid fans to forget as things didn’t go their way.

Their disgraceful exit from champions league semi finals against Pep Manchester city side. City’s visit to Santiago bernabeu ended in 1-1 but their shame was served to them in the second league of the semi finals at Etihad as the were slapped with four goals with no replies.

Madrid’s dominance remains intact as they’re still known as the giant of Uefa champions league nights. With the exit of Karim Benzema and the signing of Joselu, Jude Bellingham and Arda Guler, Read Madrid team qualities continue to speak for them.