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Renewed Shege: Nigerians Seek New Horizons as High Cost of Living Persists

Renewed Shege: The average Nigerian struggling to make ends meet.

In the wake of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s controversial emergence in the most recent Presidential election, a growing number of Nigerians have made the difficult decision to leave the country in search of greener pastures.

The exorbitant cost of living, which has plagued the nation for years, has been further exacerbated under the new administration, prompting many citizens to seek better opportunities abroad.

The Dependent Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officially declared Tinubu as the winner opening a hiked dimension of economic retrogression.

Nigeria, once heralded as the giant of Africa, has grappled with rampant inflation, skyrocketing prices, and a stagnant economy for a significant period.

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Also, the cost of essential commodities such as food, housing, healthcare, and education has reached unprecedented levels, leaving the average Nigerian struggling to make ends meet.

Despite promises made during the campaign period, the new government has struggled to implement effective policies to address these pressing issues, leading to disillusionment and frustration among the populace.

The deteriorating economic conditions have spurred a wave of emigration, with Nigerians seeking refuge in countries known for their financial stability and better living standards.

In a chat with Parallel Facts, a freight forwarder also known as Agents in the Lagos’ Premier Port, Apapa port, Ola Adeyanju lamented the cost of clearing cars which has skyrocketed since the emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu while expressing his readiness to relocate in order to begin another type of business.

“My business is going down almost on a daily basis. This is because the cost of clearing imported vehicles especially is killing my business and the profit is no more visible. For faster examination, Scanning machines were deployed to the port in order to reduce human interface. However, in order for them to see reasons to extort agents, Customs will still conduct a physical examination.

“The plan now for me, is just to gather the little resources I have to move to the UK and start a new business. If it will require me to be importing into the country, I do not mind,” he said.

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Elsewhere, Tunde Afolayan, a businessman at Computer Village, with four kids, urged Lagos State Government to reduce ticket charges on his business, noting that Nigerians who are enduring the current hardship might be forced to leave the country soon.


According to him “We heard recently that aside from the ticket fees and other charges imposed by the Lagos State Government, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is planning to impose another tax charge on vendors and petty business people.

“This will chase intelligent and smart people from Nigeria. These people should be treated with mercy because the economy is obviously unfriendly.”

Meanwhile, popular destinations including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and various European nations are consistently embracing Nigerian professionals, skilled workers, and even families bidding farewell to their homeland, driven by the desire to secure a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

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The brain drain phenomenon has hit Nigeria particularly hard. Skilled workers, including doctors, engineers, academics, and entrepreneurs, are among those choosing to leave, seeking opportunities that align with their expertise and offer a higher quality of life.

The departure of such talented individuals hampers the country’s development prospects and widens the already significant skills gap.

Moreover, the exodus of Nigerians has severe social implications. Families are torn apart as loved ones are forced to leave behind spouses, children, and aging parents. The loss of family unity and support networks can have profound emotional and psychological effects on those who remain in the country, further eroding the fabric of society.

The impact of Nigerians seeking opportunities abroad extends beyond the economic sphere. The country loses valuable human capital, creative potential, and the diverse perspectives necessary for sustainable development. Reversing this trend requires a multifaceted approach that combines both short-term relief measures and long-term structural reforms.