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Rivian Joins Tesla’s Supercharger Network

Rivian (RIVN) has become the latest automaker to forge an agreement to access Tesla’s renowned Supercharger network across the United States and Canada. The partnership, set to commence in the spring of 2024, will allow Rivian vehicle owners to utilize Tesla’s Supercharger infrastructure through an adapter designed for its CCS charge port. Rivian’s upcoming R2 platform and future R1 vehicles, slated for release in 2025, will natively incorporate Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), enabling seamless integration with the Supercharger network.

Rivian Enters Partnership with Tesla


It’s CEO RJ Scaringe expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We’re excited to work with Tesla and to see collaborations like this help advance the world toward carbon neutrality. The adoption of the North American Charging Standard will enable our existing and future customers to leverage Tesla’s Supercharger network.” This integration aligns with Rivian’s commitment to expanding charging infrastructure through its own Rivian Adventure Network, which aims to deploy over 3,500 fast chargers at more than 600 sites.

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While it remains to be seen whether its network will use CCS plugs or NACS plugs, Scaringe affirmed the company’s intention to proceed with the Rivian Adventure Network as planned. The compatibility between Rivian’s charging network and Tesla’s Supercharger network signifies a collaborative effort within the industry to provide EV drivers with convenient and reliable charging options.

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Rebecca Tinucci, Tesla’s Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure, commented on the development, stating, “It’s great to see the industry coming together to adopt the North American Charging Standard. By doing so, we’re collectively ensuring all EV drivers have access to easy-to-use, reliable charging hardware. We look forward to welcoming Rivian owners to thousands of our Superchargers across North America.” Tesla presently operates over 12,000 Superchargers in the United States and Canada.


Tesla’s recent agreements with General Motors (GM), and Ford reinforce the company’s commitment to expanding the accessibility of its Supercharger network. GM and Ford will gain access to Tesla’s Supercharger Network beginning next year, also utilizing an adapter, and by 2025, Tesla’s NACS connector will be integrated into Ford and GM vehicles.

With Rivian now joining Tesla’s collaboration, the NACS connector is poised to become the de facto standard in the United States—a goal Tesla has advocated for since publicly sharing its technical specifications last year. As the electric vehicle market continues to evolve, it remains to be seen whether additional partnerships will follow suit, further solidifying the adoption of the North American Charging Standard.