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Vandalism Forces FG To Shut Down Route to Apapa Port, Generating Billions Annually

The Apapa-bound lane at the start of the Marine Bridge at Ijora, Lagos, was damaged by vandals, prompting the Federal Ministry of Works to close it down on Wednesday.

Despite the deteriorating infrastructure characterizing the nation’s major seaport, it generates at least N3 trillion annually. 

In accordance with circular earlier issued by the Federal Ministry of Works and published by Parallel Facts, our correspondence gathered that as at Wednesday, obstruction barriers were already being erected by construction workers, signaling commencement of repair works on the bridge..


Olukorede Keisha, an Assistant Director of Federal Highways who also went to the area, reported that the bridge’s vandalised portion collapsed on Tuesday night.

According to her, an investigation showed that the arsonists had lit a fire underneath the bridge to obtain access to iron rods and other steel parts.

“For overriding public safety, there is a need to shut it down immediately. We have looked at it; the contractor has critically assessed the situation. So, we are going back to the drawing board to evaluate it and look at the possible quick way to resolve it. But meanwhile, we are going to close this and divert traffic to alternative routes,” she said.

Keisha pleaded with motorists to exercise patience as the federal government made every effort to repair the bridge’s damaged section.

Reported By Tosin A.