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Russia Launches 19 Missiles on Odessa, Damaging Historic Sites and Inflicting Fatalities

In a significant escalation of hostilities, Russia unleashed a barrage of 19 missiles on the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, marking the largest in a series of devastating strikes since the collapse of a UN-brokered deal that facilitated grain transit out of the Black Sea hub.

The attack has drawn international concern over the escalating conflict and its impact on civilian lives and historic landmarks.

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, expressed deep alarm at the destruction caused to Odessa’s historic center, particularly the revered Orthodox Transfiguration Cathedral. The cathedral, with roots dating back to 1794 and meticulously rebuilt in 2003, now bears the scars of the missile onslaught.

The assault did not spare other cultural treasures, as rockets struck museums, port infrastructure, and residential areas, tragically resulting in the loss of two lives. The casualties and damage to the city’s cultural heritage have further heightened tensions and elicited condemnation from the international community.

Russia Launches 19 Missiles on Odessa, Damaging Historic Sites and Inflicting Fatalities

As the situation remains tense and volatile, the global community closely watches developments, urging an immediate cessation of hostilities and a return to negotiations to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for a lasting diplomatic solution to prevent further loss of life and the destruction of invaluable historical landmarks. #Russia


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