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Russia: Putin Loses 4,430 Servicemen After Mutiny

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Russian President Vladimir Putin survived a brief Wagner Group insurrection last weekend, but the political impact remains. His military also suffers severe casualties in Ukraine.

Wagner founder Yevgeny Prigozhin ordered his troops to march on Moscow last Friday after Russia’s military killed 30 of his troops in a missile strike. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko brokered peace the following day, ending the insurrection.

Despite the fast conclusion, Kremlin critics say the revolt showed Putin’s leadership flaws. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, reportedly fired key generals for failing to quell the mercy revolt.

As it responds to Ukraine’s counteroffensive against the Russian invasion, Putin’s military loses personnel amid the upheaval. The General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces reported on Friday that Russia has lost 4,430 soldiers since the Wagner insurrection began.

Since Putin initiated the conflict last February, Russia has lost 224,630 servicemen.

Putin revealed that Wagner forces killed about a dozen Russian troops during last week’s revolt. When he honoured troops and security personnel earlier this week for preventing a “civil war,” he held a moment of respect for the pilots murdered by the private military company.
Ukrainian authorities say Wagner forces destroyed six Russian helicopters and a plane during the insurrection, but the Kremlin has not disclosed any information regarding these pilots. Independent media estimates that 12–15 Russians died in these incidents.
When it does publish losses, the Kremlin is accused of understating them. Newsweek hasn’t verified Ukraine’s data.

The Ukrainian General Staff tracks Russian military equipment destroyed during the battle as well as personnel deaths.

Ukraine reports losing 4,041 tanks since Russia invaded. Prigozhin’s brief June 23 attack destroyed 17 of those tanks.

Moscow has lost 7,863 armoured battle vehicles, including 59 this week. 54 vehicles and fuel tanks (6,785), 202 artillery systems (4,127), 11 multiple-launch rocket systems (630), six air defence systems (389), one aeroplane (315), and 59 drones (3,519) were lost throughout the week.

Ukraine says Russia lost 308 helicopters and 18 vessels throughout the fighting. Last Friday’s figures were unchanged.

Newsweek emailed the Russian Foreign Ministry for comment.