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Seychelles Bans Nigerian Passport Holders Amid Allegations Linking Tinubu to Drugs


The Seychelles government has officially confirmed the ban on Nigerian passport holders intending to visit the country for tourism purposes. The decision comes in response to the escalating instances of drug trafficking and fraudulent activities, which have raised concerns within the Seychelles administration.

This decision has caused concern among Nigerian citizens, many of whom have expressed their disappointment on social media. The ban is seen as a blow to Nigeria’s international reputation and has raised questions about the effectiveness of the country’s efforts to combat drug trafficking and fraud.

In related news, there have been allegations circulating about the involvement of Nigeria’s president in drugs in the US. Some documents purported to be ‘certified true copy’ surfaced, alleging that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, was linked to a drug business and had to forfeit $460,000 to the US authorities.This information went viral weeks after the election, which could have been a reason why the Seychelles government took such action.

It is unclear if these two events are related or if the ban imposed by Seychelles is a direct response to these allegations. However, it is clear that both events have caused concern among Nigerian citizens and the international community.

Amidst growing demands for increased transparency and accountability, as well as more robust efforts to combat drug trafficking and fraud, citizens are urging their leaders to take decisive action. The unfolding situation raises questions about the steps that will be taken by the Nigerian government and the international community in response to these pressing events.