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Shoplifting on the Rise in Britain

The owner of the Primark clothing chain joined industry calls for the authorities to crack down on the issue of shoplifting,which has become rampant in Britain.

Sharon White, chair of the John Lewis Partnership, which operates Waitrose supermarkets and department stores, told BBC Radio that the theft in shops has now spread like wildfire as there have been twice as many crimes in the past year.

White urged the UK government to form a commission to look into the issues town centres are facing on Monday, warning that they run the risk of becoming “a looting ground for emboldened shoplifters and organised gangs.

The garment brand has increased expenditure on security guards, CCTV, and outfitting employees with body cameras to try to prevent in-store theft, according to George Weston, CEO of Primark owner Associated British Foods (ABF.L), who made the announcement on Tuesday.

In an interview with Reuters, he said, “But we need to emphasise, as others have highlighted, the role of the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, and magistrates in tackling this problem, which is just getting steadily worse.