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Silenced Voices: Caleb University Students Speaks Out Against Poor Security

Caleb University, a private institution located in Lagos, Nigeria, has recently come under scrutiny for its handling of security and student welfare. Despite the school’s attempts to silence its students, anonymous sources have come forward to share their experiences and call for change.

According to these sources, Caleb University has failed to provide adequate security for its students. One student reported being awakened at 4 a.m. by a robbery in progress. The school’s security officers, who are quick to clamp down on dress code violations, were nowhere to be found when it came to protecting their students.

These are not isolated incidents. Students have reported multiple instances of theft and violence on campus, with little to no response from the school’s administration. One student stated that the school’s security is “fucking poor” and that they feel helpless to do anything about it.


In addition to concerns about security, students have also reported issues with the school’s medical center and food services. One student described being ignored by nurses who were more interested in discussing personal matters than attending to patients. Another student reported that the cost of food on campus is exorbitant and that the quality is poor.

Despite these issues, students at Caleb University are afraid to speak out for fear of suspension or expulsion. During a church service, they were reportedly told to delete any posts that could be seen as discriminatory against the school.

caleb university student attacks

One witness shared a particularly disturbing account of a robbery that occurred last Friday in the middle of the night. According to this witness, six robbers entered the campus and assaulted a female student. When the school authorities were informed of the incident, they reportedly accused the student of lying and demanded proof of the assault.

The situation at Caleb University is alarming. Students should be able to pursue their education in a safe and supportive environment. It is time for the school’s administration to take responsibility for their shortcomings and implement measures to improve security and student welfare.

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We call on Caleb University to take immediate action to address these concerns and provide a safe and supportive environment for its students.

All attempts to reach Caleb University for comment at the time of publication were futile, as all the numbers available on their website were switched off.