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Single Woman Offers $5,000 Referral Bonus for Husband

Single lady

In a bold move to find love, a single woman from Los Angeles is offering a $5,000 referral bonus to anyone who can successfully find her a husband. Eve Tilley-Coulson, a 35-year-old corporate litigation attorney, has taken to social media to spread the word about her unique offer.

Tilley-Coulson told The Post that she initially told her friends she would pay them $5,000 if they introduced her to her future husband. She then decided to open up the offer to her more than 100,000 TikTok followers. Her post on the platform has received more than 556,000 views and has resulted in 20–25 digital introductions to potential life partners.

Tilley-Coulson says that she hasn’t gone on any dates yet but is optimistic about the process. She believes that paying $5,000 for a husband who is vouched for and meets her needs is worth it.

The rules of Tilley-Coulson’s matchmaking game are strict. The $5,000 will be paid as soon as the marriage certificate is signed. The potential husband must also meet certain criteria, including being between the ages of 27 and 40, standing at least 5’11”, having a witty “British” sense of humor, and having strong affinities for sports, animals, and kids.

Tilley-Coulson’s offer has certainly caught the attention of the internet, and it will be interesting to see if her unique approach to finding love pays off.