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Nigerian Sports And Entertainment Sectors; Two Peas In A Pod

If anything has placed Nigeria on the global map, it has to be the entertainment and sports industry.

Despite the lack of enabling environment, poor infrastructure, and mismanagement of resources in Nigeria, where nothing seems to work, these sectors have done more for the people.
Their achievements and successes have more to do with the constellation of sheer talent in those belts than it does with the collective leadership offered to them by players in Government.

There is a visible depletion in the value of sports in Nigeria if you juxtapose the industry’s strides with its entertainment counterpart. However, it is undeniable that you will always have millions of Nigerians gather to cheer on for Nigerians in Sports as intensely as they would chant to their favourite verse in an Afrobeat song.

You could quickly put these memorable moments together, and it would make for a best-seller documentary; people might argue these are the only joyful moments Nigeria has enjoyed lately.

Nigeria’s Sports: Despite its shambolic management, Football is the more thriving Sport with better investments in Nigeria. Yet, there have been successes in different sports, even though they may not have gotten a good spotlight.

The Nigerian Ajunwa’s first individual Olympic gold medal in 1996: Chioma Ajunwa became the first Nigerian athlete to win an Olympic gold medal and the first black African woman to win an Olympic gold medal in a field event. She remains the only individual with an Olympic gold medal in Nigeria.


The first African Olympic gold in 1996: in the ’96 Olympics, Nigeria became the first African country to win the Olympic gold in a football event. Nwankwo Kanu captained the team to a victory against Brazil from 3:1 down in the semi-final to win 4-3  with a sudden-death goal from Kanu and then defeated La Albiceleste( the Argentine national team) in the final.

D’Tigers won the FIBA Afrobadket title in 2015: in Tunisia 2015, the men’s basketball team known as the D’Tigers won their first FIBA Africa title defeating Angola 74 to 65 in the final.

The three mentioned achievements are just a minute percentage of the plethora of achievements that have happened in the world of sports in Nigeria over the decades, despite the overwhelmingly stacked odds against it.

Entertainment: This lone wolf’s achievements go beyond laurels.

The entertainment industry has positioned itself as a uniquely intelligent sector, improving the economy and bringing in laurels, building a good foundation for future achievements.

Nigerian music generates over $2 billion in revenue per year, making it one of the largest music industries in the world.

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Nollywood is the second largest film producer globally, with a financial value of $6.4 billion as of 2021.

It is pertinent to note that the success of entertainment in Nigeria isn’t hinged on support from the government but on the talent and industry of individuals who have taken it upon themselves to achieve their dreams.

Sports and entertainment in Nigeria are two peas in a pod if viewed operationally. Often left with nothing to start with, challenging work, soul, and faith are all it has taken to give Nigeria and Nigerians an identity away from crime and terrible Governance.

Source: Israel O.