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Suspected Fulani Herdsmen New Attack In Plateau Claims Eight Lives

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The latest attack by armed men in Plateau State has claimed the lives of at least eight individuals.

The Rawuru community in the Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of the state was where the incident took place on Friday night.

Solomon Dalyop, a youth leader in the neighbourhood, confirmed the slayings to The Punch in Jos on Saturday.

“At this time, we can confirm that eight people died in the attack last night in the Rawuru community of the Barkin LGA,” Dalyop stated. What puzzles us is that some soldiers visited the village in the afternoon before the attack. We also observed them at night.

However, the villagers were attacked, which resulted in the deaths of the victims who were inside their homes. Why do the attackers successfully carry out the attacks despite the presence of military and security personnel in the area?

One too many attacks, according to another community leader and president of the Global Society for Middle Belt Heritage, Jerry Datim, who called for an investigation into the actions of the members of the Military Taskforce sent to keep the peace in Plateau towns.

Additionally, he mentioned that over 30,000 people had been displaced and 276 people had been killed in various towns over the course of the previous month as a result of the ongoing attacks.

We have the mass burial locations where the dead were interred for anyone who wants to visit and take a look. In the LGAs of Mangu, Panyam, Mangu Halle, Yilpo (Sabon Gari) Fan in Barkin Ladi, Maikatako in Bokkos, Marish in Bokkos, Bukuru in Jos-South, and a sizable portion in Jos-North, there were 30,000 IDPs dispersed throughout Plateau State.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that some students in tertiary institutions as well as our children in the affected local governments have missed exams such as the Junior NECO Exams scheduled for JSS 3, the current Senior Secondary School Examination, and the Tertiary Examinations because of the forced migration of our people to different locations, as the IDPs president stated.

“We would want to express our gratitude to our Plateau ethnic brothers for their support of our people, and we deplore the silence of SEMA and NEMA, which was previously recognised for their prompt action in such situations but which we have not yet sensed. We are requesting that SEMA act in accordance with their constitutional mandates and take care of the 30,000 IDPs dispersed around the state.

The group charged that the Military Special Taskforce, which was in charge of upholding security in the state, had not done enough to protect people’s lives.

For greater operational efficacy, they demanded that the federal government abolish all military checkpoints in the state and replace them with that mobile police force.

“We demand the immediate repatriation of our displaced people to their native homeland. The federal government should also be responsible for their security and well-being. The Fulani leaders should be held accountable for harbouring the attackers going forward for any attack on any community while we wait for the Fulani to leave our ancestral lands, the organisation said.

Alabo Alfred, the state’s police command’s spokesperson, did not return calls when he was approached about the most recent attacks in the impacted areas, making attempts to speak with him fruitless.