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Terrorists Invade Ex-Minister’s House, Injure Three Guards in Nasarawa

Nasarawa: Three security guards suffered severe injuries as a result of Saturday night’s raid by heavily armed gunmen on Labaran Maku’s home. The men have been speculated to be kidnappers.

Around 7:50 p.m., the alleged kidnappers broke into Maku’s home in Ola, Akwanga Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, firing intermittently into the air.

The assailants, who could speak Hausa, pounded on the former minister’s gate for a while before deciding to scale the fence of the home after they realized no one was going to open the gate for them, according to one of the security officers who was hurt and who spoke to our correspondent.

He declared, “The circumstances were quite dire. They arrived in large groups and began to knock on the gate while speaking Hausa, but we refused to open the gate for them because we noticed their unusual faces.

We were hurt while attempting to control the situation after they started shooting after we refused to open the gate and later hopped the fence into the compound.

Labaran Maku, a former minister of information, regretted the occurrence, saying it was the third time in a month that bandits had broken into his home.

You may recall that around a month ago, they broke into my father’s compound in Wakama and abducted three of my siblings.

“The other time, they slaughtered two of the kids of my elder brother right there at the house.

The events of today demonstrate unequivocally that our state is under attack. It required the Army and the Akwanga-deployed police to step in, who then hurried to my house to help us. The bandits hid in the bush after spotting the troops.

Our correspondent’s attempts to reach DSP Ramhan Nansel, the state’s police public relations officer, for a response were unsuccessful because he did not answer calls placed on his cell line.

Labaran Maku, Nasarawa
Labaran Maku, Nasarawa


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