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Terrorists Kill Islamic Cleric, Farmers, Kidnap 50 in Kaduna

Mal. Yakubu Muhammad Bugai, vice chairman of Jama’atul Izalatul Bid’ah Wa Iqamatus-Sunnah (JIBWIS), Birnin-Gwari Branch, and three other farmers were killed by roving bandits who also abducted over 50 people in July alone, according to the Birnin-Gwari Emirate Progressives Union (BEPU) in Kaduna State.

The JIBWIS leader was shot at his farm in the Rema area, and after suffering bullet wounds to his belly and arm, he was brought to Jibril Mai-Gwari General Hospital, Kaduna. He passed away there at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The Birnin-Gwari Orphans Foundation, Kaduna, which is an organization dedicated to caring for thousands of Orphans left behind by largely victims of banditry in the security-ravaged local government, had Bugai as a steadfast pillar, a founding member, and vice chairman before his murder.
A statement issued by the BEPU Chairman, Ishaq Usman Kasai, further disclosed that in another sad development, around Sabon-Layi, Kurgi, Yelwa, Tashan-Keji, Shiwaka, Unguwan Danfulani, and many more rural communities in the western part of Birnin-Gwari who are sharing boundaries with Kamuku and Kuyambana Forests, which are serving as hideouts of the Bandits, a large number of locals were also kidnapped on their farms.

In regions where more than 10 farms (especially those with mature corn) have been purposefully cleared by the robbers’ cattle in the Sabon-layi Community alone, the bandits also herd over the landowners’ farmland. In fact, the bandits advised the farmers to forego traveling to the region to cultivate because even if they did, they would prevent them from harvesting and risk being killed or kidnapped. On Friday, July 21, 2023, the bandits raided Ung. Bawa in Randagi Ward and abducted 28 people, many of whom were women and children.

They also killed one person and shot four others, who are currently being treated at various medical institutions. 13 of the prisoners had, however, succeeded in escaping the den. On Tuesday, robbers raided Rafin Zango in the vicinity of Eka Farm and abducted two people who were traveling from Birnin-Gwari town to the Gagumi Community. Wednesday saw them invade Unguwan Roka in the Kakangi Ward, where they murdered one person and abducted nine others.

Bandits returned to an adjacent community, Unguwan Danfulani, on Thursday night, where they killed one person and abducted seven members of one family. The bandits earlier that same Thursday prevented grain suppliers and traders who were traveling from the western part to the Birnin-Gwari weekly Market. “We are profoundly concerned that farmers continue to be attacked anytime they walk to their farms,” the statement from the bandits read. “They ransacked for approximately an hour and abducted six people.

As a result, there is a significant risk to the intended agricultural yields for this year since around 70% of farmland is still inaccessible. Four villagers were abducted on Wednesday at their farms in the Yelwa Community in the Sabon-Layi axis. In reality, in the entire Birnin-Gwari broad area, locals are often kidnapped and killed at farms.

Two farmers were kidnapped by bandits in the Maraban Agyaro district of the Gagumi axis even today, on Saturday. These are only a few of the occurrences, to name a few.
According to him, BEPU is extremely concerned about the daily increase in farmer murders and kidnappings in the Birnin-Gwari region, which goes mostly unreported and unchecked.
“Given the circumstances, BEPU welcomes the new administration’s resolve and the security services’ efforts to address the issue.

The Bandits Warlords are currently using the Katakaki, Gagumi, Tashar-Keji, and Bugai axis of the Western part of Birnin-Gwari as their operational base and are continuously terrorizing the Birnin-Gwari general area, Kaduna, so the Union appeals to the Federal Government to facilitate the establishment of military detachments there.

He emphasized the necessity of restoring the Mobile Police Unit in the Damari Community of the local government’s eastern region, which bandits use as a path to target other settlements nearby.

“Due to insufficient staffing and resources at the Jibril Mai-Gwari General Hospital Kaduna, banditry victims continue to pass away from subpar medical care. In the entire hospital, there is only one physician. He said, “This is by far out of proportion to the population.
In light of the fact that victims of banditry continue to perish from a lack of primary medical care, the BEPU urged the Kaduna State Government to deploy more health workers or hire indigenous doctors to run the hospital.


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