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Terrorists Kills Worshippers In Kaduna Mosque

Seven people were killed when they were praying in a mosque in Saya-Saya village in the Ikara Local Government Area of Kaduna State. The attack is thought to have been done by terrorists.

Five of the victims were killed with guns in the mosque, and the other two were killed in different places nearby.

Local reports say that the incident happened around 8 p.m. when the villagers were at a local mosque for Isha’i (sunset) prayers.

Dan Asabe, who lives in the village, said that two other people who had been shot were rushed to the hospital for care.

Malam Abdulrahaman Yusuf, the head of the village, confirmed the event and said that the head of the village militia was one of the people killed inside the mosque.

“We thought they had followed him (the rogue boss) to the mosque so they could attack him. When they came and started shooting, we were inside the mosque praying. Five people were killed at the mosque, and so was the driver who brought food to the town. “The other person died in a village nearby,” he said.

He said that soldiers and police from Ikara town and the Palgore area came to the scene of the crime at about 12:30 a.m., but by that time, the thieves had already left the village.

He said that one of the people who had been shot was taken to Aminu Kano Hospital to be treated.

He said that the village was in a state of chaos.

When asked for a statement, Mohammad Lawal Shehu, the Chief Press Secretary for Governor Uba Sani, said he would find out more from the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs.

The Acting Public Relations Officer of the State Police Command, Mansir Alhassan, confirmed the event and said that security staff had been sent to nearby bushes to catch the people who did it.

He said that the police and other security services didn’t know about the attack until after the people who did it had already left.

He told people that they should always report strange activity in their neighborhoods to security agencies in the area at the right time.