Texas Republican Legislative Impeaches Republican Attorney General Paxton
Texas Republican Legislative Impeaches Republican Attorney General Paxton

Texas Republican Legislative Impeaches Republican Attorney General, Ken Paxton

A Texas legislative investigation that found the third-term Republican attorney general guilty of a years-long pattern of alledged corruption, including abusing his office’s authority, retaliating against whistleblowers, and obstructing justice, led the Texas House of Representatives to vote to impeach him.

122-123 were in favour, with two members casting “present” votes. Paxton has been placed on temporary leave from his position as attorney general in accordance with Texas state law as he awaits a Senate trial.

“There is strong evidence. After hours of discussion, Texas GOP Representative Andrew Murr, the head of the General Investigating Committee, made his final remarks. Paxton should be impeached on 20 charges, according to the committee.

Rep. Harold Dutton, a Democrat, was one of the members present for voting. He said that the impeachment vote was hurried. “The way we’re going about this seems to be so rushed that it just encroaches on due process,” said Dutton.

In a news conference on Friday, Paxton denied any misconduct. However, he centred his arguments against the impeachment this week on his track record as one of President Joe Biden’s most ardent detractors. Numerous lawsuits have been brought by Paxton’s office against the Biden administration.

In the Texas GOP, he continues to enjoy support. State party chief Matt Rinaldi denounced Phelan in a statement on Friday for what he called a “sham impeachment.”

The impeachment of Paxton is a shocking rejection of a Republican official in a state where the GOP holds absolute power. Last November, voters in Texas gave Paxton a third term despite the ongoing problems around him. Paxton had previously faced other challengers for the GOP nomination, including George P. Bush, a descendant of the Bush family, and the state’s land commissioner, whom he handily defeated in a runoff.

Paxton has fought with the leadership of the Texas legislature and has long been a divisive figure. a Republican who spearheaded a lawsuit in 2020 to challenge Joe Biden’s election victory.