The Forgotten Office Nigeria Path to Greatness Lies in Empowering Its Citizens By Olorunisola Adeolu1

The Forgotten Office: Nigeria’s Path to Greatness Lies in Empowering Its Citizens By Olorunisola Adeolu

Being born a Nigerian should be considered a blessing rather than a burden, provided that the role and significance of the citizens are clearly emphasized.

The success of projects and policies depends on the active involvement of the citizens; otherwise, they are doomed to fail.

For too long, Nigeria has operated under the illusion that it can function without truly engaging its citizens, leading to a loss of understanding about the essence of citizenship both within the nation and among Nigerians themselves.

In Nigeria, there seems to be an office or department for everything except one that is crucial – an office specifically dedicated to the citizens. This lack of recognition is the root cause of the country’s numerous challenges.

The most vital and functional office in any thriving nation should be the one that serves the interests of its citizens, yet unfortunately, this essential aspect is absent in Nigeria.

When a government prioritizes the well-being of its citizens above all else, it need not obsess over excellence in performance, as that will naturally follow. By consistently putting the interests of the citizens at the forefront, the nation itself will thrive.

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The true essence of a first-class nation lies in its first-class citizens. Conversely, third-world nations are labeled as such due to their third-class citizens. Any attempt to elevate a nation to first-class status without putting equal efforts into empowering its citizens will inevitably fall short.

The power possessed by a government is immeasurable, but it can also lead to its downfall if it disregards the needs of its citizens. Throughout history, the most malevolent regimes were those that suppressed their citizens, while the most commendable ones were those that sought to liberate and empower them.

Nigeria Citizen

The path to growth and development which will amount to the greatness that Nigeria desires is not hidden and difficult. It lies in giving full recognition and highest regard to her citizens.

An unfair treatment to a Nigerian anywhere in the world should be treated as unfair treatment to the highest power in the Land. Impunity and disregard for the rule of law is a public display of Nigeria’s failure to honour her citizens.

The challenges facing Nigeria can disappear overnight if the citizens are given their rightful position. Insecurity, terrorism, kidnapping, and the like are the reflections of long-time neglect of the citizens.

The worldview of the Nation that has been battered can be improved at a moment if the rest of the world is aware that the only non-negotiable issue is the one related to her citizens. Every attempt to make the citizens better off will be a gain to the Nation and anything different from this, the citizens will bear the consequences.

A Nation has nothing to lose because it takes identity from her citizens. A rich Nation with poor citizens is a poor Nation and a poor Nation with rich citizens, is a rich Nation. The citizens do not have that privilege because they will bear the effects of the error by the government while the government takes credit for their good works.

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Many Nigerians have been denied a chance to live in possibilities and numerous human resources have gone to waste just because the Nation does not have regard for citizenship.

Once again, to be born a Nigerian can be a blessing and not a burden as we are seeing now if the office of the citizens is well pronounced. Now is the time to start to give citizens their rightful position.

We cannot have a Nation without citizens. Everything a Nation is doing should be directed toward establishing citizenship and the Nation will be on her way to greatness.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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