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The unexpected link between male masturbation and reproductive success

According to new research, masturbation may boost a male primate’s chances of bearing kids.

According to the University College London (UCL) study, self-pleasuring may aid in effective fertilization by enhancing excitement before intercourse.

Ejaculating after masturbation also helps remove low-quality sperm, leaving new sperm accessible for mating, according to the researchers.

It may also lessen the chance of developing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), according to the study.

However, experts believe that the evolutionary benefits of female masturbation are unclear.

“Our findings help shed light on a very common, but little understood, sexual behavior and represent a significant advance in our understanding of the functions of masturbation,” stated lead researcher Dr. Matilda Brindle.

The study, which was published in the journal Proceedings of The Royal Society B, focused on both wild and captive primates.

Dr. Brindle and her colleagues gathered data from 246 published scholarly publications and 150 surveys in order to determine when and why masturbation originated.

Personal correspondence from monkey scientists and zookeepers was also examined.

Masturbation was most likely present in the common ancestor of humans and all other primates, according to the findings.

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