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The worst President In The History Of Nigeria Relocates To The United Kingdom

Former President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that he flew to London in order to find some peace and quiet because guests and well-wishers continued to disrupt the peace at his residence in Daura.
Mr. Buhari has officially retired to Daura, Katsina, after finishing his second and final tenure as president of Nigeria.
The former president had intended to find some peace and quiet and be allowed “to have his needed rest,” according to a statement that was released on Thursday by his media adviser, Garba Shehu. However, those who wanted to pay him goodwill visits prevented him from doing so.

“He chose to go home in Daura hoping to find the type of quiet he wished for himself, but realising that this was not the case, with visitors trooping in morning, day, and night, he moved out to a more distant place,” the statement added. “He realised that this was not the case; visitors trooped in morning, day, and night.”

Mr. Shehu also said that his principal’s visit was an added bonus that would enable Mr. Tinubu’s government to have the appropriate atmosphere in which to work on fulfilling their campaign pledges.

The statement went on to say, “It is still his wish that he be allowed to have his needed rest and that the current administration has the appropriate atmosphere to work on the realisation of the promises they made.”