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Three Reasons You Won’t Lose Weight Even With Workout

Do you know you can do all the physical activity you want and still not lose weight? Yes, what could it be?The reason, you may ask?There are a couple of reasons why you may never lose weight, even when you spend a lot oftime doing some physical activity.

Most people have been patronizing gym houses, and yet they continue to be frustrated.
without results in their weight loss journey. I want to show you three reasons why you may never get a result, even when you are doing the physical activity and work required.

✓ Acceptance of Lifestyle Change: Weight loss is only achieved when you have accepted a
new lifestyle change in your mind. Internal motivation is key to a healthy lifestyle change.
Most people who go to the gym don’t even believe they can make the necessary changes.
required for them to get good results. They are looking for external motivation.
These external motivations are helpful early on, but with time, you will discover that the
Motivation is not sustainable at all.
If you must go to the gym, go with the mindset that you have accepted on your own to lose
weight. External factors must not be its fuel.

✓ Psychological Food Compensation: A study in America showed that people who get into
Exercise to lose weight. subconsciously compensate themselves with more food after each

✓ Eating Monosodium Glutamate: A lot of people want to lose weight, but you see them
consuming MSG without knowing. You begin to wonder if they really want to lose weight.
What’s the correlation?
Monosodium glutamate is a substance used as a sweetener in our food. It’s used in
the production of lots of spices too.MSG interferes with leptin, a hormone produced by the body to tell the brain that you are full.and need to stop eating.

Leptin also alerts the brain when you are storing excess fat, triggering your body to release
rather than store more.Without leptin, you will continue to feel hungry even when you have eaten enough.
will not shed as much weight as you were expecting to, even if you do not overeat and/or
exercise regularly. Most of the people that do commercial cooking (Bukar, fast food, restaurants, and hotels)
Monosodium glutamate can be very addictive in nature. This is why it’s almost irresistible. for you.

If you are working out in the gym and you are still eating out or using more of those spices,
in your meal, just know that you are almost wasting your time and resources in vain.
Have you been guilty of any of these things? Let us know in the comment section, okay?

Okereke Soromfechi (RDN)
Nutrition LIFE

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