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BAYELSA GUBER: Escaped Convicted Murderer, Terrorist Revealed as Timipre Sylva’s Running Mate, According to Records

There is a strong indication that the Gubernatorial Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Timipre Sylva will be disqualified even if he emerges as the winner of the  Bayelsa State gubernatorial election expected to take place on 11 November 2023.

Records have shown that Timipre’s running mate, Joshua Maciver, a Niger Delta militant escaped from Kaduna Prison in 2006 after being convicted for murder and terrorism.

However, despite many attempts to woo the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP) under the late President Musa Yar’dua to pardon him, no record exists to show he was granted a Presidential Pardon or enlisted into the Presidential Amnesty Program, PAP.

Timipre Sylva is a Convicted Murderer

He is alleged to have forged a PAP Identity card as no record in the Amnesty office indicates he is part of the program.

According to an investigation conducted by @jacksonpbn on Twitter, Maciver, who was reportedly suffering from a serious illness, urgently requested medical assistance from prison officials.

However, taking advantage of an attack by Niger Delta Militants in Kaduna, Maciver managed to escape while en route to the hospital.

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Maciver subsequently returned to Bayelsa, evading authorities and getting involved in politics with the support of Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, also known as Tompolo.

Upon learning of Maciver’s conviction, Timipre Sylva became desperate for help and allegedly sought assistance from the Presidential Amnesty office to include Maciver in the PAP program.

However, General Ndiomu, the PAP Coordinator, denied Sylva’s request, citing Maciver’s lack of support for the late President Yar’Adua’s proposed Amnesty program.

Under the Electoral Act, Sylva is now unable to replace his running mate unless Maciver passes away.

Timipre Sylva is a Convicted Murderer

In another development, Oweizide Ekpemupolo, often known as Tompolo, had become weary of locking up Niger Delta Agitators. He was especially distressed by Asari Dokubo’s circumstances at the Kuje Prison in Abuja. Tompolo made the decision to put up a strategy to get Dokubo out of Kuje Prison.

He allegedly gave his men powerful weapons, and they selected a day. When his men stormed the Kuje Prison to free him, he called Dokubo and warned him to get ready.

Dokubo called Tompolo on D-Day in 2006 to report having a dream in which he perished during the rescue effort. In addition, he expressed doubt that the planned method of his release from Kuje Prison is appropriate. Tompolo exhorted Dokubo to show courage. All would be well, he told him.

Dokubo turned off his phones and instructed the prison staff to transfer him to the underground as the armed Militants made their way toward Abuja.  

Timipre Sylva is a Convicted Murderer

When the armed Militants arrived, Dokubo was in the Kuje Prison’s basement area. They contacted his numbers several times but got no answer. Because they were unable to contact the target, they were no longer able to complete the operations. Tompolo was given a call. Someone indicated that there was a certain Joshua Maciver, a Niger Delta militant, in the Kaduna Prison as they discussed their options with Tompolo.

They all decided to travel from Kuje Prison to Kaduna. Maciver received a message to get ready for an escape. Maciver informed prison officials that he was extremely ill and required immediate medical assistance.

The Tompolo lads arrived in Kaduna Prison wearing masks and fully equipped with bombs, assault rifles, and other advanced military equipment. They killed, randomly fired, stormed into the jail, and released Joshua Maciver.

Those connected with Joshua’s case claim that he was incarcerated after being found guilty of murder, terrorism, and sea piracy. They claimed that he was never a part of the Niger Delta uprising at first.

The moment Maciver broke free from the Kaduna prison, he was transported to Tompolo, who kept him in his camp 5 for years, taught him, and then sent him back to Bayelsa where he went to establish his own camp of Militants and become their leader.

Tompolo’s infamous Camp 5 was located on an island.

BAYELSA GUBER Escaped Convicted Murderer Terrorist Revealed as Timipre Sylva Running Mate According to Records3

When the government of Musa Yar Adua approved amnesty, Maciver believed it was a plot by the government to have him arrested. He refused to appear to accept the Amnesty program after discovering how he had escaped from the Kaduna Prison. Instead, he chose to stay in Bayelsa, where he made amends, assimilated into the state’s local politics, and kept his boys, whom he utilizes as politicians. Without looking into his background, Timipre Sylva chose him as a deputy because of the authority he wields over a number of militants.