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“Tinubu is a desperate man who will stop at nothing to retain Power” – Gbadamosi

Former Lagos State Gubernatorial Aspirant, Mr. Babatunde Gbadamosi, has blasted Bola Tinubu for allegedly threatening to unleash anarchy if the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT) rules in favour of the LP and its candidate, Peter Obi.

Mr.Babatunde Gbadamosi, made this remark in a tweet on Monday, July 17, 2023. He accused Tinubu of being a desperate and undemocratic leader who has no respect for the constitution or the Nigerian people. He said Tinubu was afraid of losing his ill-gotten wealth and power if the PEPT does justice to the LP’s petition.

He tweeted: “Tinubu is a desperate man who will stop at nothing to retain power. He has no respect for democracy, the constitution or the Nigerian people. He is threatening anarchy if the PEPT does justice to our petition. We will not be intimidated by his empty threats. We will reclaim our mandate.”

Mr. Babatunde Gbadamosi was reacting to a report by a media house that Tinubu’s lawyers had urged the PEPT to dismiss Obi’s petition, arguing that the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is like Nigeria’s 37th state and that any other interpretation would lead to chaos and anarchy.

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The LP and its presidential candidate are challenging the validity of Tinubu’s election, alleging that he did not score the required 25 per cent of the lawful votes in the FCT and that he was not qualified to contest due to a US court judgment ordering his forfeiture of funds suspected to be proceeds of drug trafficking.

The PEPC is expected to deliver its judgment on the petition soon. The LP and its supporters have expressed confidence that they will emerge victorious and restore hope and dignity to Nigerians.