Underperforming Tinubu Faces Criticism Over Vacant Economic Positions

Tinubu Is Not Different from Niger Coup Plotters, He Lacks Legitimacy to Attack Niger-LP

The Labour Party has warned the All Progressives Congress government led by Bola Tinubu, not to get involved in the internal affairs of the Niger Republic.
The LP says that there wasn’t much difference between how coupists in Niger took power and how Tinubu got into office by manipulating state institutions during the general elections of 2023.

This was said by Obiora Ifoh, who is the National Publicity Secretary of the party. He said it on Saturday in Abuja.

He said, “The Labour Party has always said that the way an election is run is much more important than the result.

“You’ll remember that the steps that led up to the general election in 2023 were skewed, manipulated, and fixed.

“A government that got into power through such illegal means has no moral right to start asking questions about a similar process that happened outside of this country.”

The party’s spokesman said that the LP leadership has been watching the recent political events in the Republic of Niger and how the Nigeria-led ECOWAS has promised to lead the neighboring countries into a war to get rid of the coupists.

He went on to say, “Many Nigerians have spoken out against the planned military invasion of the Niger Republic, but the Labour Party thinks that a government that lacks legitimacy because it took power by force like the putschists in the Niger Republic did can’t take it upon itself to lead a puritan force against a sovereign nation.”

“We truly think that acts of kindness should always start at home. The holy book also says that you should get rid of the plank in your own eye before you talk about a speck in someone else’s.

“If elections can be rigged without reason, which is what happened in Nigeria and led to the current government, then what moral right does that government have to question actions like military coups in other countries?”

“A coup is a coup, whether it’s done by the military or in a democracy. Otherwise, how do you explain a situation where the most popular candidate with the most votes in an election is denied the peck of his popular support by another candidate whose supposed victory was helped by some fraudulent government institutions?

“Again, the country’s social and economic situation has gotten so bad that Nigeria is drowning in poverty, hunger, and unemployment.

“The people’s living conditions have gotten worse because of the government’s bad economic policies, the rise in the price of oil goods, and the rising value of the currency.

“So, for a country in such a huge crisis to think about going to war with another country or defending democracy is not only funny but also a bad idea and a waste of time.”

“The government should not start any program that doesn’t directly improve the living conditions and standards of Nigerians.

“We already have enough problems, like insecurity, hunger, unemployment, poverty, and bad infrastructure. I think the government has enough to do without getting involved in the issues of another country.

“Again, international law says that countries like Nigeria can’t get involved in the internal affairs of other sovereign countries. Because of this, we think that the government’s statement about getting involved in the internal affairs of the Niger Republic is uncalled for, unwarranted, and unnecessary at this point.

“Nigeria can’t act like Africa’s big brother when people are hungry. We have the name “giant of Africa,” but we are far from living up to that name.

“The government should first think about Nigeria. We have a lot of big problems to deal with.”

“Instead of wasting time, money, and energy on the business of another sovereign nation, the government should focus on how to fix our economy, rebuild our infrastructure, create jobs, and stop the killings and lack of safety in Nigeria.”

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