As Tinubu Lobbies West, President Biden Snubs Him Amidst Phone Conversation Reports With Blinken

The media have been awash with reports of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the US Secretary of State, Antony J. Blinken’s Phone conversation.

it is noteworthy that the American President did not personally call the President-Elect of Nigeria, as previous presidents have always done. According to media reports in the United States, Biden has remained adamant in personally calling Bola Tinubu. this may not be unconnected with the irregularities surrounding the presidential election.

According to reports posted by Telerepublic, an online media, the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, has chosen not to engage in direct communication with Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

It further states that while it is true that the US Secretary of State, Antony J. Blinken, has held a telephone conversation with Tinubu.

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It is notable that the American President has refrained from making a personal call to the Nigerian President-elect, as has been customary in the past.

According to the report, this development comes in the wake of insider sources revealing a growing global disdain for Tinubu, primarily stemming from widespread allegations of electoral misconduct and the questionable legitimacy of the election that propelled him to power. International observers have highlighted concerns regarding the use of intimidation, manipulation, and rigging during the election process.

In response to such concerns, the United States has taken decisive action by imposing a visa ban on individuals involved in election rigging. This serves as a clear message that the international community is committed to upholding democratic values and deterring any form of electoral malpractice.

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It’s also pertinent to note that Tinubu had already been accused of offences relating to cocaine trafficking in the US. His reputation becomes even more complicated, and major doubts about his character and suitability for a job of this stature are raised.

Lack of transparency and accountability in electoral produces illegitimate leaders who plunge their countries into crisis.

Reported by Otunba D.