Tinubu’s Daughter Declares herself Iyaloja General of Nigeria, Ignites Online Debate

In a significant development that has sparked widespread attention and debate online, the daughter of Bola Ahmed Tinubu has officially updated her Twitter bio as Iyaloja General of Nigeria. This comes in line with earlier predictions made by the opposition supporters in the country that Folashsde Tinubu-Ojo will automatically transition to Iyaloja General of Nigeria if her father is elected President.

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Folashade Tinubu Ojo

Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, recently updated her Twitter profile to reflect her new title, capturing the attention of Nigerians and political enthusiasts alike. The position of Iyaloja General holds great influence within Nigeria’s commercial landscape, making this appointment a matter of significant interest.

Opposition supporters had long speculated about the possibility of this happening, considering Tinubu-Ojo’s close ties to her father and the influential position he holds within Nigerian politics. These speculations have now become reality, leaving both supporters and critics of the Tinubu family with much to discuss and analyze.

The role of the Iyaloja General involves overseeing and coordinating activities related to the country’s vast retail market, including market unions, associations, and traders’ welfare. With her new position, Tinubu-Ojo will now have a field day exploiting Nigerian traders in markets, just as she has done previously in Lagos.

This has ignited conversations regarding the influence of political dynasties in Nigeria, particularly in relation to key appointments and power consolidation. While some see this as a natural progression within a political family, others argue that it raises concerns about the level of nepotism and the potential for concentration of power.

As news of Tinubu-Ojo’s new status spreads, Nigerians have continued to react.
“These people legit have no greater ambition than to cut tickets every day for every Nigerian citizen. Even Buhari was more subtle”. David Hundeyin tweeted.

David Bent tweeted, “Iyaloja General of Nigeria/First Daughter of the FRN. This is just day two of your father being in power, & you already think it’s a monarchy or a family business? well. she’s actually free to use whatever titles she wants on her bio. only becomes a problem if validated by the FG “.

Only time will tell whether Tinubu-Ojo will rise above the shadow of nepotism and truly serve the interests of Nigerian traders. Until then, this purported transition as Iyaloja General of Nigeria stands as a testament to the persisting challenges facing the nation’s governance and the urgent need for a more inclusive and merit-based approach to leadership in Nigeria.