Parallel Facts: Top Keypoints In Peter Obi’s Space Talk With Nigerians

Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, on Saturday, July 29, was hosted by Nigeria’s fastest-growing media platform, Parallel Facts, in a Twitter space with over 170,000 in attendance.

Peter Obi 4
Mr Peter Obi

On his arrival at exactly 6 pm, Mr Peter Obi was welcomed with the Nigerian national anthem amid a show of love emojis from the excited audience.

In this article, we take a look at the top key points in Obi’s bi-annual space talk with Nigerians.

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  1. The number one problem in Nigeria, according to Peter Obi, is corruption.
    “It kills entrepreneurship, professionalism and hard work. It allows people to have wealth without enterprise and it destroys the entire system,” he said.
  2. He also said that in one month he would have set up a powerful economic team full of competent Nigerians to tackle the economic woes.
  3. Obi further opined; “The young people have been the greatest loser in this enterprise called today’s Nigeria. I bought my first, second, and third cars as a university student”.
  4. The LP leader also added; “There should be a retirement age for political office holders. The young people need to come onboard”.
  5. On fuel subsidy, Obi said; “‘We must first of all remove the criminal components in fuel subsidy removal then utilise the money in reviving our infrastructure, educational sector etc. The whole process must be transparent and people must see and feel the impact”.
  6. On tribalism, the Anambra former governor opined; “Incompetency on the side of politicians is the reason they use tribal cards to divide Nigerians during elections”.
  7. On education, Obi said; “The more educated the citizens of a country are, the more developed that country will be”.

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